Domaine Bordes


Saint Chinian

Domaine Bordes  – ArabesqueElles, Les Grèzes, La Plage, Narys 

It’s in the terroir of Saint Chinian, in Tudery that Emma and Philippe Bordes are running the Domaine Bordes that they created in 2001 with a 10 Ha vineyard. Former plumber, native from Saint Chinian, Philippe “returned to his roots” coming back to put his passions into practice: the passion for the earth, for the vineyard and the wine.


Of course, Philippe is running his vineyard in organic farming, certified Ecocert and Nature & Progrès. It was inevitable because Emma and Philippe Bordes wanted to go through with their beliefs.

At the Domaine Bordes, only organic soil enricher is used and chemical treatments are prohibited. Philippe is always looking for the grapes to be ripe because that is when they give the best wines. The harvest is manual to preserve the fruit.

In the wine cellar, the vinification is carefully guided. The fermentation is done with natural yeast. They use as less sulphits as possible during the vinification as well as during the bottling.

The wines of the domain are the perfect reflection of the terroirs the grapes were cultivated on.

That’s what Emma and Philippe Bordes want, to express their terroir…