Mas Bruguière


Pic Saint Loup

The wines of Mas Bruguière – La Grenadière

Marjorie and Xavier Bruguière are running Mas Bruguière in Valflaunès, in the appellation area Pic Saint loup. A family domain passed down for seven generations.


Xavier’s parents, Guilhem and Isabelle Bruguière actively participated to the creation of the terrroir that is Pic Saint Loup.

The Mas Bruguière, is a 20 hectares domain at ” human size”. The work in the vineyard is a priority, in Mas Bruguière. Here, each generation made a contribution to raise the reputation of the domain.

The vineyard is run in organic farming. No chemical input is added in the wine to preserve the terroir. Also, the red wines are non-filtered. Only the white wines and rose are slightly filtered to exalt its robe. 

A great wine from pic saint Loup!!