Château Mirausse



The wines of Château Mirausse – Le Rouge de L’Azerolle, L’Azerolle Vieilles Vignes, Le Grand Penchant, Le Cendrous

The Château MIRAUSSE is located in Badens, in the heart of the Minervois. This 13 hectares domain is run by Raymond Julien.


He is the perfect exemple of authenticity and high-quality products, in the regional tradition. Raymond, through his wines and terroir, tells a story about the typicity of the traditional grape varieties of Languedoc. The Cinsault and the Carignan are king in this vineyard which is unfortunately uncommon nowadays.. Raymond Julien is an endearing and passionate winegrower.

He is part of those who didn’t forget the essential : produce generous wines ! Always up for a tasting day.