Mas Champart


Saint Chinian

The wines of Mas Champart  –  Rosé, Cote d’Arbo, Causse du Bousquet, Clos de la Simonette, Le Blanc

The story of Mas Champart starts in 1976 when Isabelle and Mathieu Champart start their winegrowing adventure which will change their life forever. Respectively from Champagne and Paris, they bought bit by bit old vines and abandonned terroirs.

They restored them and brought their grape harvest in a winegrower’s cooperative. More and more passionate about winegrowing, Isabelle quit her job to take a winegrowing training.

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The Champart vinified their own wine for the first time in 1988.

This 25 hectares domain with a 16 hectares vineyard is located at an altitude between 210m and 300m. On these 16 hectares, 4 are still vinified at the winegrowers’ cooperative of Saint Chinian and the other 12 are vinified by Isabelle and Mathieu. Mostly in AOC Saint-Chinian, each of the wine of Mas Champart has its own identity. The differents types of soils in the appellation Saint Chinian (clay-limestone, marlicious, or limestone soil), bring a lot of complexity to the wines. The blend of different grape varieties brings a great aromatic complexity.

A vineyard led in integrated farming, using as many organic products as possible. The mechanisation being complex because of the relief, part of the vineyard is worked manually. The harvest is also manual. In the Mas Champart, Carignan, Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre as well as Roussanne, Marsanne and Bourboulenc are cultivated.

A regularity of the vintage.

The Champart managed to produce 25 vintage. Since they started their own wine cellar, their savoir-faire is known and earned them several praises in guides intented for private as well as professional.

It can be said without hesitation that Mas Champart is one of the “Grands Domaines” of Languedoc.


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