Domaine Yvon Métras



Fleurie – Beaujolais

The wines of the Domaine Yvon Métras: Beaujolais Deuxième Mise – Fleurie Vieilles Vignes – Le Printemps

The Domaine Yvon Métras is located in the famous town of Fleurie. Yvon implemented a natural viticulture, consisting of ploughing and observation to use as little farm inputs as possible. Yvon started its first vinifications in 1988 in the family domain. Since, this 6 hectare domain has become a reference of the appellation Fleurie. An old-fashionned viticulture, without artifice or glitter, but with precision and generosity. Wines are the reflection of the terroirs the domain is made of : manual harvest, vinification in full bunches with natural yeast. A discreet winemaker who can fully express himself through its wines.