Domaine Rieffel



The wines of Domaine Rieffel:  Pinot Blanc Gebreit –  Crémant d’Alsace

The Domaine Rieffel is located in Mittelbergheim, between Strasbourg and Colmar.


A 10 ha domain where three generations of wine-grower succeeded each other. Nowadays, Lucas, the grand-son took over.

His philosophy is to preserve the balance of the vineyard depending on its terroir, that is why manual work is mainly used.

The Domaine Rieffel is turning toward organic farming. Riesling, gewurztraminer, sylvaner, du pinot noir and pinot blanc are cultivated. The methods used by Lucas Rieffel, from the work on the soil to the ageing on fine lees, are always used with the idea of producing pure wines. To Lucas a wine should reflect its terroir.