Domaine Marquise des Mûres


Saint Chinian

The wines of the Domaine Marquise des Mûres – Métiss, Les Sagnes, Réserve des Marquises

The Domaine Marquise des Mûres is located in Roquebrun, on the appellation area of Saint Chinian. Jean-Jacques Mailhac took over the domain in 1993 and produces wines close to his schist terroir, fruity with blackcurrant aromas. Since 2013,the domain is led in organic farming. The domain’s name comes from the sherpherd’s daughter called “le Marduises” who guided the goats to eat at the border of the vineyard.


The goats liked the blackberry bush so much they would eat everything on it at the same time too, Jean-Jacques says he still remembers it. The vineyard of the domain is located on a schist soil. The wines produced are generous and fruity.

A treat to drink at any time to enjoy an explosion of fruit !

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