Domaine la Madura


Saint Chinian

The wines of the Domaine la Madura – Classic Rouge, Grand Vin Rouge, LM, Classic Blanc, Grand Vin Blanc

After working 10 years in the region of Bordeaux, Cyril Bourgne and his wife Nadia finally decided to settle in his native region. The Domaine la Madura is located in the appellation area AOC Saint Chinian in Hérault, on schist, sandstone and limestone soil. The blend of this three terroirs brings complexity and balance to the wines of the domain.


The Domaine La Madura was created in 1998. Nadia and Cyril work within respect for the environment to produce wholesome grapes. The mechanisation is reduced as much as possible, to preserve the aeration of the soils and respect the balance with the nature. The wines of the domain are the reflect of its terroir, typical and well-balanced.

In 20 years the Domaine La Madura became an important domain of the appellation Saint Chinian!