Domaine du Monteillet


Côte Rotie – Condrieu – Saint-Joseph

The wines of the Domaine du Monteillet – Cuvée du Papy, Fortis, Les Grandes Places, Saint-Joseph blanc, Les Grandes Chaillées Condrieu

The Domaine du Monteillet is owned by the Villard family since the 16th century. The vineyard have extended with each generation, and Stéphane Montez is now running a 24 hectares vineyard producing wines under three major appellations : les Côte Rotie, Saint-Joseph and Condrieu.


Stéphane Montez produces one of the most known wines of the North of la Vallée du Rhône. The vines of the Domaine are for the most part cultivated in terrace (Les Chaillées) facing South to bring freshness, strong aromas and a nice maturity to the wines. The harvest are manual, because the vines are located on steep hills. The vinifications are done with natural yeast only.

Stéphane Montez has become in a few years one of the best winegrower of Côtes Roti.