Domaine de Simonet


Côteaux of Narbonne

The whites wines of Domaine de Simonet – Bourboulenc, Les Terres Salées

Thee Domaine de Simonet in the mountain la Clape, between moutain and sea where the Bourboulenc is king. Christophe Barbier runs this 18 hectare domain including 1 for the  “Terre Salée”.


The Bourboulenc is an old grape variety of Languedoc and the main variety in La Clape. It is named differently depending on the area : Grosse Clairette, Malvoisie in Languedoc, Doucillon in Cassis, Borbolenque or Borbolenc in la vallée de Rhône.

Christophe Barbier produces his main cuvee les Terres Salées blanc on a unique terroir. This wineyard is located on a former salt marsh. It is flooded for less than a month due to the water from the étang de Fleury d’Aude next to it. The combination of the flooding and the salt prevent the apparition of phylloxéra.

Christophe produces typical wines thanks to its salty terroir , a unique process in Languedoc