Domaine de Barroubio


St Jean de Minervois

The wines of the Domaine de Barroubio  –  Cuvée Bleue, Dieuvaille,Muscat Tradition, Le Rosé, Tradition Rouge, Jean Miquel, Marie-Thérèse, Muscat SecLe p’tit dernier

The Domaine de Barroubio is located in Barroubio, in the municipality of Saint Jean de Minervois in Hérault. The domain is run by the Miquel family since the 15th century. On this 120 hectares domain, 27 are dedicated to the production of wines.


There, Raymond Miquel produces high-quality Muscatel that can be found on several restaurants’ menu. The Muscat sare head-pruned, next to old Carignan. The terroirs are exceptional and are made of small white limestone pebbles. It plays an important role in the maturity of the Muscat because the pebbles give the heat back during the night.

A breathtaking landscape and exceptional wines…

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