Château Coupe Roses



The wines of Château Coupe Roses  – Granaxa, Bastide, Le Schiste

Château Coupe Roses is located in La Caunette, Hérault, in the heart of the Minervois, North to Carcassonne. It is also a family domain took over by Françoise le Calvez and her husband Pascal Frissant in 1987. The vines are cultivated on clay-limestone plateau at an heigth between 250m and 400m, with a climate perfect to preserve the acidity of the grapes which will bring great freshness to the wines. The domain is run in organic farming.

coupe rose                

To produce the best wines possible, Françoise and Pascal planted the grape variety perfect for each plot. They also reduced the use of chemical treatments and weeding as much as possible. This will help the vines to take roots which will allow to produce high-quality grapes, wholesome and concentrated in aromas.

A reference in Minervois.