Château Champ des Soeurs



The wines of the Château Champ des Soeurs  – Fitou TraditionBel Amant, Champ des Sœurs Blanc 

Run by Marie Valette and Laurent Maynadier, the Château Champ des Soeurs is located in Fitou. This appellation area is the oldest in Languedoc (AOC since 1948),


The origin of the domain of the Château Champ des sœurs dates back to the 17th century. In the vineyard, the influence of the sea and and its breezes overcomes the lack of water so mature grapes are produced. The wines of Marie and Laurent are a model for success. They produce a floral white wine and well-balanced red wines with a great quality-price ratio.The harvest are manual and the work in the vineyard is considered to be one of the foundation of the success of the domain.

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