Everything started in 1824, when Dr Siegert, an army surgeon for Simon Bolivar, in Angostura, improved the recipe of aromatic bitters, for therapeutic use.

His three children will then create a company selling bitters on Trinidad & Tobago island, based on the recipe developed by their father. They met with great success and they started selling abroad.

In 1949, after several years of research, they started the distillation of sugarcane and the production of rum, with their famous five-column still, the distinctive sign of the brand.

In the late 60s, the company had become known for its quality rum worldwide, which was distributed in more than 140 countries. Since a few years now, Angostura has doubled his storage and distillation capacity in Trinité, with its average production capacity production going from 1,3 million of liters in 1960 to 20 millions of liters in 1998.

The Angostura bottles have won several prices, a guarantee of quality, for example during the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.